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Two different Taoisms

Tao Te Ching Chapter 62-6
Don’t abandon
How can you abandon someone because he is no good. (Ch.62)

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A: "Master Bonbon, I am sorry. I cannot contribute donation this month. It's horrible. Stock prices don't go up. You don't abandon me, do you?"

B: "I am afraid I have to abandon you. Love lasts as long as money endures."

Don't worry.

Nobody can abandon you, nor can you abandon anyone.

Though someone seems to have abandoned you at the level of your hologram, he didn't in reality.

Because he is an extended part of your own self.

The extended part of your own self, or yourself beyond your control, is called 他己 [tako] in Zen Buddhism.

This 他己 [tako] and 自己 [jiko], yourself under your control, are part of the same hologram. (☞See Chapter 7 No self)

Therefore, it is useless to judge.

Therefore, there is neither "good" nor "no good".

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What makes Master Dogen so different from other Japanese Buddhists? Among other extraordinary capacities, his ability in speaking and understanding Chinese is worth mentioning. That's why I ask you to read «Shobogenzo» in Japanese. He often quotes a Chinese text and uses its syntax to make the meaning clear. How can you express this bilingual style in one Indo-European language? Nevertheless, I am aware that I am asking you too much. I cannot ask you to learn Japanese first before you set off for your adventure in the world of Zen Buddhism. So, please take Dogen's writing style into account when you choose an English translation. If it is too clear and flawless, think twice before you take it to the checkout counter.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 62-7
An emperor enthroned
Therefore, when an emperor is enthroned or three dukes are assigned, instead of holding jadeite disks in both arms in front of four horses, it is better to tell them about Tao, being seated. (Ch.62)

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Don't flatter.

Do nothing.

Don't expect anything in return.

I repeat Chuang Tzu's maxim:

"Don't move until you are forced to".

Be still.

That's the way.

Let's talk about Taoism instead of doing something for someone.

But you don't try to convince him.

Enjoy the conversation and be content to give him an opportunity to know about Tao.

Don't worry if you don't know much about Tao.

Zen Buddhists say:


[Ji mi toku do, sen do ta]

Though you haven't crossed it yet, let others cross it first."

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 62-8
Two different Taoisms / Why Taoism?
Why did they appreciate this Tao in the old days? (Ch.62)

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It is a very interesting question, isn't it?

Lao Tzu or the person who inserted this sentence is saying something important.

Once Chinese people had appreciated the original Taoism a lot;

then, at the time of writing, they no longer did so, he lamented.


Has anyone distorted its teachings?

Well, who knows?

But one thing is historically clear.

In Japanese there are two words, Doka (Doke) 道家 and Dokyo 道教, although they are translated with the same word: Taoism. (cf. 道家 [daojia] and 道教 [daojiao] respectively in Chinese)

The former is the philosophical study of Tao Te Ching and Chuang Tzu.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 62-9
Didn't they say: "You get what you want. Even when you are guilty, you can get away"? (Ch. 62)

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If you believe in Tao,

you can get what you


You don't believe me, do you?

Then I rephrase it.

If you believe in Tao, you are aware that you are the one who is projecting all.

How about this?

Now you believe me.

Hhh, modern people are too complicated.

It wasn't like that in Lao Tzu's days.

If you believe in Tao, no one is guilty, right?


Because you don't judge.

Everyone gets away and you are happy for that.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 62-10
Highly appreciated
Therefore, it's appreciated by the world under the sky. (Ch. 62)

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What is the treasure?

It is Tao.

What is "the world under the sky"?

The world is your hologram.

Therefore, the last sentence of Chapter 62 Treasure is interpreted:

"Tao is appreciated by your hologram".

Your hologram includes your own self, other people, all the material beings, and even thoughts and feelings.

Here we have a precious key, or Kanreisu (a bar / spring).

Everything exists in order to appreciate, love, and accept Tao through other beings and non-beings.

It means that no elements in the hologram interfere with each other.


That's right.

There is no cause and effect inside the hologram no matter how much it appears otherwise.

The sole cause and effect takes place between you and Tao.

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