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To be one with Tao = To be "out of your hologram" = To remember that true You are Tao = To receive and emit Love/Tao

It is exactly the same as Satori in Zen.

1. Do not see (especially TV news).

2. Do not listen (to especially someone who speaks up).

3. Do not speak. (Especially do not try to convince others.)

4. Be dull. Don't be special.

5. Accept everything as it is.

6. Accept it with gratitude.

7. Remember that you are Tao. (Don't try to reach Tao [get to Satori]. Useless.)

8. Don't try to influence Tao. It is a waste of energy.

9. Don't worship Tao. (=Don't worship yourself.)

10. Don't make light of Tao. (=Don't make light of yourself.)

«To be One with Tao» is a translation for 玄同 ([hsüan tong / xuán tóng] in Chinese; [gen do] in Japanese) .

1. Do not see (especially TV news).

Big is small and small is big. What you can really see with your own eyes are much bigger in your hologram than the things in the box (or the flat panel). So, the former are more important than the latter.

Don't feel sorry for the crying children on TV news and feel indignant about the world which leaves this sort of misery unsolved.

Feel sorry for the children (or adults) who are crying in front of you. Don't feel indignant about the world inside the TV set.

Why does misery exist? Don't ask yourself such a question. It is you who project it.

But, why do I,...? Because everything is there to give you an opportunity to emit more energy (=Tao).

You (=Tao) project a hologram (=the world) to stimulate yourself to emit more of the energy(=Tao). It is the cycle of Tao, the fundamental energy.

You don't have to act physically. You just thank them to be there.

2. Do not listen (to especially someone who speaks up).

3. Do not speak. (Especially do not try to convince others.)

The one who knows does not speak.

The one who speak does not know. [Chapter 56 How to be One with Tao]

These sentences say it all. Convincing others is meaningless. It is exactly the proof that you are far way from Satori.

Satori is to understand that this world is a hologram and, more importantly, to live with the idea by emitting the maximum of the fundamental energy (=Tao, Zen, Buddha, Love, or whatever you would like to call it).

In short, don't be affected by neither the outside world nor your ego.

4. Be dull. Don't be special.

Trying to be excellent is like a kid trying to be a boss in his kindergarten.

The world is projected by you. Why do you want to excel? You are already the king there. Or, even better. You are the creator.

The bigger your ego is, the more difficult it is to be one with Tao (or to remember that you are Tao itself).

5. Accept everything as it is.

Behind all the enigmatic Asian smiles lies this philosophy. Let's smile meaninglessly, shall we?

Why do we need a reason to be happily smiling. In McDonald's restaurants in Japan, the price of the smile is listed. Of course it is 0 yen. (No matter what the exchange rate is, it is converted to $0 or €0)

6. Accept it with gratitude.

If you can keep on saying "Thank you" while you are awake, you don't need Satori because you have already got it.

If you can love everything that shows up in front of you, you don't even need the word Tao.

Gratitude is one of the simplest form of Love. Every time you pronounce "Thank you", you emit the energy. It is a good feeling. You know it, too.

Sadly, in some cultures, gratitude has become a formality.

Too much smiling behind the counter in a fast food restaurant in Japan makes them robot-like.

If they start smiling sincerely there, the shrine of consumerism will turn to be the best Dojo for Satori.

7. Remember that you are Tao. (Don't try to reach Tao [get to Satori]. Useless.)

The more desperately you try to find something, the fewer chances you will have to get it. It is a golden rule which doesn't need much explanation. We experience it every day.

All you have to do is just remember. You yourself is the fundamental energy. You are already one with Tao.

The more you think, the more complicated you turn the present situation.

Less is more. Lao Tzu asks you to reduce and reduce everything.

8. Don't try to influence Tao. Waste of energy.

A naughty boy might try to influence Tao for his favour. Meaningless.

You are creating a perfect hologram (=the world) all the time. The adjective «perfect» is not supposed to have either a comparative nor a superlative.

Numerous people have been thinking that Taoism is sort of a black magic. Even, many people have thought so is Buddhism.

Zen masters have had to work hard to educate their disciples and others not to think so, but somehow men are fascinated by the power of magic.

A Zen master said the biggest miracle is our life. What else can we say?

9. Don't worship Tao. (=Don't worship yourself.)

Giving a special status to Tao is counterproductive. Tao is neutral. No matter how much you ask Tao to do something for you, it won't do any.

The desire to worship it may prevent you from seeing the so-called reality as a hologram and “leaving it”.

For the same reason, worshiping yourself and feeding your ego will hinder your detachment. "You" don't belong to you. (☞See Chapter 3b You and non-you)

10. Don't make light of Tao. (=Don't make light of yourself.)

It has to be said clearly that the word "hologram" is not a pejorative. Please don't say, "It's just a hologram. Let's ignore it".

Your hologram is a manifestation of Tao. We feel Tao through it. Let's cherish the hologram.

The more you respect the world (=your hologram), the more you can look up to yourself. You are Tao. You are the essence of all the existence.

Don't despise yourself. You are always perfect however difficult it is for you to believe it at the moment. Trust Tao. Trust yourself.

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-Chapter 4a Masters hit your face. The original Chinese text of Tao Te Ching is far from perfect. There are a few versions and we don't even know Lao Tzu was an individual who really lived two and a half millennia ago.

-Chapter 77 No excess. If something is excessive, Tao reduces it. Trust Tao. It will take care of it.

-Chapter 8 Be like water. "The highest good is like water. Water benefits all the material beings very well, and doesn't contend", says Lao Tzu.

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-Chapter 5c Hologram and Tao. You will find a comprehensive explanation on the relation between the two.

-Chapter 9 Don't stay. "When your task is completed, you retire", says Lao Tzu, but can you renounce your power?

-Chapter 2 Do not judge. You will find interesting videos concerning judgement on this page.

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