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Chapter 62


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  62-1 Hidden Tao
  62-2 Treasure
  62-3 Akunin shoki setsu / Feel safe
  62-4 Adorned words
  62-5 Adorned acts
  62-6 Don't abandon
  62-7 An emperor enthroned
  62-8 Why Taoism?
  62-9 Guilty?
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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 62]  Treasure / English translation

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Something called Tao is hidden at the bottom of everything.

It's the treasure of good people.

It's the place where not so good people feel safe.

Adorned words can buy high rank.

Adorned acts can place a man above others.

How can you abandon someone because he is no good.

Therefore, when an emperor is enthroned or three dukes are assigned, instead of holding jadeite disks in both arms in front of four horses, it is better to tell them about Tao, being seated.

Why did they appreciate this Tao in the old days?

Didn't they say: "You get what you want. Even when you are guilty, you can get away"?

Therefore, it's appreciated by the world under the sky.



Everything is your hologram, in other words, an illusion. It is a catalyst to stimulate you to emit more of the fundamental energy Tao. It is a manifestation of Tao as well. Everything in your world (=your hologram) contains the energy. You receive it through your hologram.

You can find the energy Tao in something "good".

Tao is "the place" which exists inside and outside your hologram (=the world). Don't impose discernment on Tao. There is neither good nor evil.

Although "adorned words" seem to work, don't be fooled by them. Don't fool others, either. They are part of your hologram and you are fooling yourself.

"Adorned acts" seem to work, too. But don't try to act on your hologram especially if the act doesn't come from your heart.

Even though a person is regarded as bad, he is part of your hologram, that is to say, an extended part of your own self. Don't judge. It is meaningless. Just accept him as he is.

Therefore, don't flatter. Don't do anything while expecting something in return. Chuang Tzu says, "Don't move until you are forced to". The best way is being still. Besides, if you talk about Taoism, it is a better gift. You don't have to convince them. Just give them an opportunity to know about Tao. In Zen Buddhism, they say, "Let others pass the river first though you haven't passed it yet". (自未得度先度他 [jimitokudo-sendota])

Why did they appreciate Lao Tzu's original Taoism in the old days while they don't nowadays, having distorted its teachings?

Didn't they say, "You get whatever you want because you are the one who projects the world (=your hologram). No one is guilty because you don't judge. It is silly to judge the world (=your hologram) you create"?

Therefore, Tao "is appreciated by" your hologram (="the world under the sky"). In other words, you should cherish the fundamental energy Tao through your hologram (=the world).

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Buddha statues and Zen drawings are official national treasures while Geisha and robots are non-official ones. A Japanese man always have room for idolized femininity and mechanized animism at the deepest recess of his heart. They even mixed them together and created «Robo-geisha».  芸者  ロボット  ロボゲイシャ

-Chapter 25 Manifestation. Tao turns around like a prayer wheel in a Tibetan temple. The wheel is the world. Your hologram is the prayer.

-Chapter 2 Do not judge. Don't impose discernment on Tao. Discernment is man-made "adorned words".

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The Japanese word "Takara" means "treasure". Now Takara corporation is consolidated with Tomy. The Japanese word "tomi" signifies "wealth". Who knows! «Transformers» might end up being as much cherished as «Japanese Treasures». No one thought that a Netsuke, a carved ornament suspended from the sash of a kimono, would be an international collectors item.  宝  タカラ  トミー  富  トランスフォーマー  根付け

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